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 If you have Room Selection questions during Room Selection Week, we strongly encourage calling us or stopping by the Residence Life Office instead of emailing. 



Congratulations on your decision to attend Colorado Mesa University. Our on-campus experience offers students a unique opportunity to make connections within the college community. As students move away from home, they find another home on campus. Our size and proximity quickly give students a sense of belonging, no matter if you are living on the south end of campus or on the north end of campus. The residence halls offer the convenience of hassle free living.

There are no separate bills to pay, no dishes or grocery shopping (when on a meal plan) and no hunting for parking — you’re already here! The on-campus experience is vital to your college success. National studies show that students living on campus are more likely to complete college, get involved, have positive faculty relations and student friendships and feel better about their overall college experience.

We are glad you chose Colorado Mesa University. Let us know if we can answer any questions.

Our Vision

CMU Residence Life serves the students, residents, and community through support, collaboration, and educational mentorship at every step of our process. We aim to foster innovative, holistic student growth through a positive, inclusive environment.

Residency Policy

The University requires that all students admitted as first-year freshmen (defined as any student who graduated from high school within one year of enrollment confirmation term) live in a residence hall for four semesters, subject to availability of space, unless they request and are granted an exemption prior to fulfilling the four-semester requirement. All students who meet the criteria in the sentence above agree to submit either a Housing Application or Housing Policy Exemption Request annually prior to the academic year.

Students who are not required to live on campus are still eligible to live in a residence hall and may apply by submitting a Housing Application to Residence Life. Students younger than 16 years of age or older than 24 years of age should contact a Residence Life Assistant Director or Director prior to submitting a housing application to discuss their housing options on a case by case basis.

We encourage our residents to purchase personal property insurance!

College Plus is the premier personal property insurance plan specifically designed for College Students. Make sure you have the best coverage available to protect your valuable personal items this semester. NSSI offers comprehensive coverage options to fit any budget!

Hot Topics from Res Life  

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Residence Life Community Guidelines and Conduct Process Learn more about the expectations for our community and the conduct process.

Adulting Guide: I'm on my own, now what?

Eligible students who apply for housing will automatically receive the Mesa County Housing Scholarship. No need to fill out a separate scholarship application!

What should I bring to my residence hall?

Important Dates: 

  • Fall 2024 Housing Exemption Application opens Februrary 1st at 9am
  • Fall 2024 Room Selection Application opens February 26th at 9am for students required to live on campus
  • Fall 2024 Room Selection Application opens March 4th at 9am for students not required to live on campus 
  • Room Selection Week: 9am March 11th to 4pm March 15th
  • Meal plans will not be available during Spring Break (March 18th - 22nd)

Our Mission

Through our dedication to relationships and continued ethic of care, Residence Life will:

  • Model our passion for student development through commitment, inclusivity and compassion.
  • Invite students to actively take responsibility for creating their identity and community.
  • Challenge our students to achieve academic and personal excellence.